TAC 133 – Women with a wrench, why should men have all the fun?

Randy and Bob Beck are joined by 4 women (and one 8 year old daughter) who worked on the 57 Chevy Montage build.

(02-15-2019) – “All Girls Garage” co-star Bogi Lateiner has always supported women’s rights, especially in the garage. She knew there were many women who wanted to get into the automotive industry like she did, and not just as service writers, but as the people who “wrenched” on the cars, or welded, or molded metal. So, Bogi got her hands on a 1957 Chevy Pickup, and put out invitations for a “women only” crew to build the truck.

Bogi and her crew move the 57 Chevy into the garage

By the time the “Montage” build was completed, over 90 women (and one 8 year old daughter of one of the crew members) toiled on the car which is a work of art, plus it had a BMW engine!

Bogi’s 1957 Chevy “Montage”

Now Bogi is working on her second build. Listen as she announces what the car will be, and hear the 8 year old welder, Bogi’s parents and the woman who had stage 3 cancer who says doctors cured her, but the women on the build “saved her”. Please subscribe and enjoy podcast #133.

TAC 132 – Rebuilding after 71 vehicles burn in Malibu!

(02-03-2019)- Proof that life can change….just like that. One day Malibu residents Gary and Denise Cerveny had 30 cars and 41 assorted motorcycles, and other vehicles stored in a building on their property……

Cars like a Hudson Italia, a Chrysler Woodie Wagon, a bathtub Nash, and a Studebaker-El Camino like custom. Candy Apple reds, faded yellows, pale greens and more. When they returned from a trip to the mid-west to see family, it was gone. All of it….gone

You never expect something like this to happen. In fact, insurance companies thought there was no way something like this could happen on their property because of all the precautions the stunt co-ordinator and his wife took to make sure it would NEVER happen.

But it did. Bob and I caught up with the Cervenys at their sparsely stocked rental home in Thousand Oaks. Very little furniture (their entire house burned as well) , but they were upbeat and with the help of their insurance companies rebuild their home and their automotive collection. LISTEN below to their story, from the unique rides in their former storage building located at their Malibu home, to their reaction to finding out about the fire, to dealing with the loss and the first car they’ve started the replacement process with. ALSO, when you listen, please SUBSCRIBE, SHARE on social media, COMMENT on what you think about the podcast!!

Since we met with Gary and Denise, they say their collection is now up to 3 cars…adding a Ferrari 308 and a Rolls. They plan to rent a storage facility to house those cars and their future purchases.

TAC 131 – Talking Monster Trucks with the “Grave Digger” Family.

Randy Kerdoon joins Ryan and Adam Anderson at SEMA in Las Vegas in 2018.

(01-18-2019) – Monster Trucks. You’ve seen them in commercials touting a local event where your stadium has been filled with piles of dirt and driven on by screaming machines shooting flames with tires taller than some NBA players. And the biggest, most iconic Monster Truck of them all is….”Grave Digger”.

While at SEMA in Las Vegas in November I was running around (as I usually do), looking for great interviews when I came across Monster Truck royalty. The Anderson family. The sons and daughter of Grave Digger builder Dennis Anderson; Ryan, Adam and Krysten. While Kirsten had to tend to commitments with a sponsor, I was able to get Ryan and Adam for a podcast interview, and in effect a mini press conference when some fans started watching and listening to the interview and as you will hear, asked questions and shared their own childrens excitement that Dad was actually talking with the drivers of “Grave Digger!”

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TAC 130 – Where were you in ‘62?

(01-06-2019) — Movie fans who love Classic Cars remember the “Boss Wheels” from the 1973 movie “American Graffitti”. A white ‘58 Chevy Impala….a 4 door ‘58 Edsel,….that white ‘56 T-Bird….the ‘61 Ford Police car that “somehow” had it’s rear bumper ripped from it’s underside….the ‘55 Chevy post 2 door that raced that yellow 32 Ford in one of the key scenes at the end.

Oh, and then, the actors in the movie, Ron Howard, Wolfman Jack, and people we didn’t know at the time but would go on to pretty substantial careers like Cindy Williams, Mackenzie Phillips, Bo Hopkins, Richard Dreyfus, Harrison Ford, Suzanne Somers, Charlie Martin Smith, Candy Clark, Paul LeMat and directed by George Lucas!!

We caught up with Cindy, MacKenzie and Bo at a recent Hollywood Show in Los Angeles, and were told some great stories about the movie, the cars from the movie AND….key cars in their personal lives!

Listen to our podcast by clicking below (and then keep the “Graffitti” love going, listen to TAC 101 with Candy Clark!)

TAC 129 – Otter’s Corvette, Fawn Lebowitz, and the “Deathmobile”

(12-20-2018) – 40 years ago, a movie highlighting the make-believe campus of “Faber College” was unleashed by the wacky folks at “National Lampoon” and Frat life would never be the same!!

Thanks again to David at the “Hollywood Show” near LAX, I caught up with character actor Bruce McGill, (D-Day) top left above…..who is all over movies and TV today….that’s what he looks like now (below)!

Randy Kerdoon with actor Bruce McGill at the “Hollywood Show”

NOW you recognize him!    McGill’s latest role was as a detective in Rizzolli & Isles, but you can take the actor out of Faber College, but you can’t take the memories of Faber out of the actor.

Then there’s “Otter”.   Eric Stratton (played by Tim Matheson) was the classic student who looked like he belonged at Princeton, but ended up in a series of wacky shanigans that were outrageous, yet pretty funny. Eventually, they were railroaded out of their frat house.    The revenge that followed was worth the price of admission.

Your podcast host and actor Tim Matheson

Bruce and Tim give us some behind the scenes thoughts from the movie, some history behind the 62 Corvette and how many Lincolns were used and how many were “hurt” in putting together the “Deathmobile”.    We also get to find out which guy has been driving the same car for over 10 years, and which guy wouldn’t mind driving in an Aston-Martin some day.    LISTEN, Subscribe, Share and comment!!

TAC 128 – Daisy Duke & the French Wheeler Dealer!

(12-08-2018) – Talk about the TV show Dukes of Hazzard,  the General Lee and those “Good ol’ Boys” are the big topics, but everyone remembers Daisy Duke.    Her hot pants, her fun loving spirit, did I mention hot pants?  And the pure delight in her face when she was able to get behind the wheel of her Plymouth or Jeep or even Uncle Jessie’s pick up truck and drive like she studied at the “Starsky and Hutch” driving school.    Fans loved actress Catherine Bach.   

Catherine Bach (Daisy Dukes) poster image 

Fans tuned in to her various appearances in Dukes related shows from 1979 all the way thru 2003.    

I caught up with Catherine at the EG Auctions event at Indio where I found out about her first car, that she once dog sit a pooch at a 120 miles an hour, a John Schneider connection to her appearance in Cannonball Run II, and a “how Hollywood works” story about a movie role that landed her in Thailand.

Catherine & host Randy Kerdoon 

Also on this episode, the host of “Wheeler Dealers-France” Gerry Blyenberg.     Gerry lives in Los Angeles, but 7 months out of the year, plays the Mike Brewer role as the guy who seeks out cars for his mechanic to rebuild.   I caught up with Gerry when I was interviewing Mike and Ant Anstead for my TAC 125 interview at their Huntington Beach, California workshop studio!     

Ant Anstead, Randy Kerdoon, Gerry Blyenberg, Mike Brewer

This isn’t the first time Gerry has hosted this kind of car fix-up show.    Would you believe a French…”Pimp my Ride?”

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TAC 127 – from Rust to …WHOA! And another visit with Cold War Motors!

(11-23-2018) – Here at Talking About Cars, we have many things to give thanks for, the many fans of our podcast, now into it’s fourth year, the many friends we’ve made in the car community, and most of all, for YOU our listeners, followers and friends!    It’s been quite a ride and we hope, with Entercom’s help,  to get the word out even more about what we do and get more people to check us out!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I met Constance Nunes about a year ago through her younger sister Cassie, who is a tour de force when it comes to setting up charity car shows in Newbury Park, California.    We heard Constance had a TV car show coming up on the horizon and it was going to be great!    Not sure if we were dealing with the next Cristy Lee or the next Edith Mumblefutz we filed the info for later.     Then Netflix dropped “Car Masters : from Rust to Riches” on us.

While the concept is somewhat familiar, buy car, fix up car, sell it for more and get a nicer car….fix it up and sell it for even more.    The twist is pretty cool, customize  the car into something unique and make even something MORE unique!    As for Constance, she may look the part of “eye candy”, she is their engine specialist.   (I’m watching the 8 episodes now).    The girl has some mechanical skills!     I caught up with them at the EG Auctions, “Stars. Cars and Rock N Roll event near Palm Springs!   Listen as I check out her and co-star Mark Towle of “Gotham Garage” cool car stories!!   Also on TAC #127….

Part II of a visit with our Canadian buddy Scott Newstead of the Cold War Motors channel on YouTube! Always entertaining, Scott talks about his top 5 favorite cars he sometime would like to acquire, number one being a Citroen SM Maserati, (which he already has and) which was a car that also came up when I interviewed a well known dynamic duo from Britain.

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NOTE : thanks to our friends at Carlyle Motors near Houston, Texas for joining the “Talking About Cars podcast” family.   Check their classic cars for sale at carlylemotors.com.    Also thanks to Julian White of WebVideoVision.com for producing and Gilbert Molinet and Brett Wagner for help with our visit to Indio.

TAC 126 – an “Car All-Star” report from SEMA, Gene Winfield on how he ended up in a Finnish hospital!

(11-12-2018) – the annual SEMA show took place in Las Vegas, chalk full of innovation, new products and plenty of automotive celebrities making appearances.    Randy caught up with several Talking About Cars pals to give their thoughts on SEMA 2018….like Dennis Gage from My Classic Car, RMD Garage’s Ralph Holguin, Bogi and Rachel from All Girls Garage, Roadkill Alum Elana Scherr, Stacey David from Gearz, John Kraman and Scott Hoke from Mecum Acutions!!

PLUS…..Customizing legend Gene Winfield is back in the USA after a health scare while attending an award ceremony at a car show in Finland!!

Plenty of rumors as to how Gene ended up in a hospital with a cracked hip and pneumonia.    Gene explains it all, including what happened to cause Continue reading

TAC 125 – Catching up & Cracking up with Mike & Ant

(10-25-2019) – Wheeler Dealer fans know that the show moved from Britain to Southern California about 3-4 years ago at the behest of the new owners of the show, the Velocity Network.   Talking About Cars originates from LA, so I HAD to see their studios…..I caught their first location just after they finished their first season here….(see below)

I finally had a chance to see Mike and Ant again (after interviewing them at SEMA in 2017 in Las Vegas) in their current workshop/studio in Huntington Beach, CA.   It’s a rather non-descript location (from the outside, they always are), but inside it’s just like you see on TV….complete  with the MOT sign and the Union Jack!     One other thing, the guys were pretty hysterically funny in this one.   Funny like you get into a laughing mood and you riff on it for like…oh a half hour?     Like I was holding an improv class and they just dove in.   Of course, that makes for one epic podcast!   (Inside story….that white bow tie Mike is wearing above?   It’s made of….toilet paper.   The man has skills!)

Since I spoke with them last year, I came up with a bunch of new questions, and some asked by our TAC listeners, like Ant’s previous show, “for the Love of Cars”, what Mike knew about the Milwaukee Brewers who at the time were playing the Dodgers in the playoffs, they talked about what car they want to work on that they can’t seem to find, how Ant will be contributing to new “significant other” Christina’s new TV show about home design (she’s Christina El Moussa from HGTV’s “Flip or Flop”), and what show Mike would like to make a cameo appearance in (hint : it involves zombies).     It’s a Wheeler Dealers like you’ve never heard them on TV!    You might even laugh with us a time or 3.

TAC 124 – Taking a “Sister Act” OFF the road!

(10-12-2018) — Deborah Najm is a mom, who happens to love the outdoors.   When her husband decided to buy a 4X4 Jeep and run it off road, she decided to get a Land Rover (after all, they have kids, need room for them…and their STUFF).   Her sister Laurie Mellott is a former lifeguard and they are combining forces to run in the 2018 “Rebelle Rally”.     It’s a race where 43 teams of women drivers and navigators try to find checkpoints on the way from the start of the rally at Lake Tahoe, and finish near the sand dunes of Glamis, with a side detour through parts of Nevada.

It’s quite a trip and quite a journey for the two sisters, and we get to tell it on this edition of Talking About Cars, when I talk with both Deborah & Laurie.    BY THE WAY, you can keep tabs on their progress, the race goes 8 days starting on the 12th of October, at rebellerally.com

(Picture courtesy of Deborah Najm)

Also on our newest edition of the podcast….Chuck Schuawecker and his…. “Rod-Riguez”

Chuck gives us the lowdown on this rather unique vehicle, it’s Asian past what parts of a car are those headlights made of anyway, and ….it could soon be yours!!!    Remember, Subscribe, Share/retweet, comment and if you listen on iTunes, rate us 1-5 stars and review us!