Playing Catch-up!!

(08-17-2020) – it’s been a crazy month here at the building! Dealing with so many crazy things from the Pandemic, to discovering Zoom, to scheduling podcasts, to watching most of our nearby car shows getting cancelled….so, we’ve been a little LAX (That’s lax….not LAX as in LA’s airport) getting our shows up for you to check out! So, let’s catch up…..

Talking About Cars 203/204 is with Ed Justice Jr of Justice Brothers fame! His family began the company pitching Wynns Friction Proofing lubricants, and eventually began their own product line when Wynn decided they could do it better without JB. Uh, how is that working? Is Wynn’s even a product anymore?

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TALKING ABOUT CARS #206 – Brett Wagner (the Big Schwab)

Fun to have Brett back for another go with Randy and “Hot Rod” Bob….his pandemic experiences…..and his connection with the reincarnation of “MONSTER GARAGE!”

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Our pal Rodney Allen Rippy from “Blazing Saddles” and Jumbo Jack fame joins us to get a unique view, not only of his own personal car perferences, but his pandemic experiences, and being in his home of Long Beach, CA during the Black Lives Matter protests and riots. Oh, yeah and cars….too!

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Randy stumbled across Brian, Nick and Regular Car Reviews thanks to his stepdaughter Amy and stepson Stan…..who are BIG RCR fans. Stan even bought his Mazda Miata after watching one of their reviews on his car….so Stan joined us interviewing “Mr. Regular”….and got a bit of a shock when he found out something!

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One idea we had…..was a segment on TV Cars. Many TV Car “clones” show up in the LA area in car shows….so we figured why not try to get owners of said cars….to talk about them, and for our Youtube audience …..give us a tour of the cars! I went so well, we decided to keep it going!

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(06-28-2020) – Our new “Too Tired Guys Productions” channel is up and running on “YouTube” with a “20 in 20” marathon. 20 new and classic “Talking About Cars with Randy Kerdoon” and ‘“GAAS” with “Hot Rod” Bob Beck, Bruce Barker and Anna Octane” are currently on DAY 16, including some great past guests, like Wayne Carini, Chip Foose, Paul Michael Glaser and Antonio Fargas on the TAC side, and subjects like Nostalgia Drag racing, the Hurst Mopar connection and the history of the Pontiac GTO on the GAAS side. Plus new shows with Bogi and Faye from Motor Trend’s “All Girls Garage”, the guys from “Car Kings” Beau Boeckmann, “Mad Mike” Martin and Dave Shuten, and Charles Phoenix talking mid century cars….(I KNOWWWW).

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TAC 202 – The best driver in the Earnhardt family…isn’t named Dale.

Randy & Hiot Rod Bob are joined by Kelley Earnhardt Miller.

(06-28-2020) – Think of the name “Earnhardt” and you immediately go to NASCAR. One of the names associated with NASCAR royalty. Ralph Earnhardt started it. Then came his son Dale…(later known as Dale Senior) and his son Dale Jr followed, and several other Earnhardts are in the pipeline. But Kelley Earnhardt Miller’s turn behind the wheel impressed many. Sure, she didn’t race in NASCAR, but she enjoyed her time racing before moving on to now co-owning JR Motorsports with brother Dale Jr. and Rick Hendrick. Kelley wrote a new book and she talks about that along with how NASCAR is dealing with the confederate flag, the Wendell Scott situation and more! Listen below on and then in a few weeks watch the video on our new #TooTiredGuys Productions channel on youtube!

TAC 201 – ZAP! ZAM! ZOWIE! It’s Robin!!

(06-20-2020) – the original “Robin” from the 60s TV show Batman returns in a TAC Classic from 2017. Here, Burt and I talked at a “Hollywood Show” autograph event, sitting in a clone of the show’s ‘66 Batmobile (pictured above). We talk about why he did his own stunts, being a super hero in tights, and how they were able to get all those big stars to open that window while they were “scaling” the side of a building. (Includes spoiler). Check it out! And Check out his dog food too!

TAC 200 – What’s Mags been doing during the pandemic?

Junkyard Gold host, and Barrett-Jackson expert Steve Magnante joining Randy and “Hot Rod” Bob.

(06-20-2020) – One of the shows I’ve binged on the Motor Trend App during the “stay at home” orders here in California, has been Steve Magnante’s “Roadkill’s Junkyard Gold”. Here, the numbers guy from the Barrett Jackson auctions and writer for “Hot Rod” magazine travels to junkyards everywhere to see what’s left of cool cars from the 40s thru the 80s, and reads VIN codes to see what the cars were when they came out of the factory, and are they worth restoring today. Steve also weaves a tale of what he’s been doing during the pandemic, his favorite cars, and those he grew up with.

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It’s a miracle, now you can WATCH a TAC interview!!

(06-20-2020) – A lot of sad and tragic things have happened in this pandemic, but one good thing? The world has suddenly learned how to use Zoom, and other social communication apps. People who work from home, people who just want to see a familiar face while under “stay at home” orders. While realizing doing “Talking About Cars” interviews the old fashioned way was out….in person, or over the phone, the Zoom-like option was the best of both worlds. When recorded, you have both audio, AND. Video! That led to where we are today. Joining my co-host “Hot Rod” Bob Beck, who has been the host of “Great American Auto Scene” or “GAAS” since 1990, we have formed “Too Tired Guys Productions.” We have created a “YouTube” Channel to host our new videos, as well as Classic Videos from, the “Talking About Cars with Randy Kerdoon” youtube channel which I have no control over, and Bob’s GAAS shows.

We are in a “20 in 20” marathon to start the channel up. 20 new and classic videos of Talking About Cars and GAAS in 20 days! So far, our TAC offerings include new shows with the stars of “Car Kings”, Beau Boeckmann, “Mad Mike” Martin, and Dave Shuten; “Cold War Motors” host and producer Scott Newstead; Author, Mid-Century Car and Lifestyle guy Charles Phoenix; “All Girls Garage” co-stars Bogi and Faye Hadley, as well as Classic Shows with Dave Kindig of “Bitchen Rides”, Wayne Carini of Chasing Classic Cars and Dan & “Pay the Lady” Laura from Storage Wars!.

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TAC 198/199 – Bogi & Faye from “All Girls Garage”
TAC 196 – “Car Kings” – Beau Boeckmann, “Mad Mike” Martin, Dave Shuten

TAC 198/199 – Volvos, Pet Chickens & Life during Corona with Bogi & Faye!

Bogi & Faye Hadley go zooming with ‘Hot Rod” Bob Beck & Randy Kerdoon

(06-06-2020) – While all of us have had to deal with the ramifications of coronavirus (or Covid-19 shutdown), our friends who entertain us on automobile related TV shows have been affected as well. Why relate our boring stories when we can ask our favorite car celebrities? Enter Bogi & Faye Hadley of Motor Trend TV’s “All Girls Garage”! Bogi has been with the show since the beginning, while Faye is a relative newbie, in fact she explains how she feels she made it onto the show in part 1.

These are two mechanics who really like working together!

Meanwhile, we check out separate stories on Bogi’s Volvo build project (to follow the Chevy Truck-BMW Powered “Montage”), and Faye‘s obsession with…. chickens. No, not the “El Pollo Loco” kind. That, and Bogi’s obsession with….small cars, are in Part 2

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TAC 197 – “Addicted” to 50’s & 60’s Cars & Americana!

Charles Phoenix, “Hot Rod” Bob Beck and Randy Kerdoon

(05-24-2020) – It’s amazing what you remember after all these years. I remember going with my dad to the local Pontiac dealer on LaBrea Ave, down the street from our apartment for a look at the new 1959 Pontiacs, to see if it was “trade in time.” I remember the glistening rows of new 1959 Pontiacs there, thinking basically….how cool is this? Which one do I like better? (Makes me about 4 years old at the time). That just was one day. This week’s guest Charles Phoenix’s dad owned a used car lot in Ontario, California. He was at a car lot…ALL THE TIME!

That turned into a lifelong love affair with older cars for Charles. A trip to a second-hand store led to another lifelong love affair. Kodachrome slides. People taking pics of their vacations, have turned into a treasure trove of imagines all these years later. Oddball and creatively designed ice cream shops, coffee shops, even cylindrical doughnut places were uncovered and Charles made it pay, giving slide shows highlight the visuals, and his own hilarious takes on what the audience was seeing. He also has figured out how to buy 50’s and 60’s cars laden with fins looking original enough to like they just stepped out of the pages of LIFE magazine.

Charles gives us some fun car stories, the cars he had that caught fire (two of them); the one that decided to take a ride down a hill, while he watched from his living room; and the correct way of approaching a person about buying their collector car. Some of the stories stem from his You-Tube “Joyride” series.

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TAC 196 – These “Car Kings” are driven!!

Co-host Bob Beck, “Mad Mike” Martin, co-host Randy Kerdoon, Dave Shuten, Beau Boeckmann of “Car Kings”

(05-17-2020) – Heard those wild guys from “Pimp My Ride” were at it again! Beau Boeckmann and “Mad Mike’ Martin (Galpin Auto Sports or GAS) along with mechanic Dave Shuten have landed on Discovery TV for a new show called “Driv…”. Er, “Car Kings!” (Funny, I was once on an MTV show called “Driven”, which was the story of how musicians made it big from the viewpoint of friends, family members, and others they grew up with. My 9 seconds on the “Weird Al” edition were nearly my “Lame Claim to Fame”. But enough about me…..)

“Car Kings” is not another build show. It’s a build show where cars from history are brought back to life (not to be confused with Graveyard Cars, which brings back to life only Mopars….not that there’s anything wrong with that). Beau and the boys bring back a classic Ed Roth vehicle….

…..a Pantera that was once a mule for what eventually became the first Viper, a classic bathroom car that included 2 bathtubs and a porcelain throne as a drivers seat….

….and so much more! It’s fun to watch the guys do their thing….and certainly worth your time to start DVR’ing the show!

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TAC 195 – The Best Munster Story Ever!

Top Left : “Munster Koach”, top right : Cold War Motors’ Scott Newstead, bottom : host Randy Kerdoon, guest Butch Patrick, co-host Bob Beck

(05-09-2020) – I’ve always thought of Butch Patrick’s story of how his late co-star Fred Gwynne (Car 54 Where Are You), who played “Herman Munster”, decided to take a detour while driving the famed “Munster Koach” with all of his co-stars in costume, onto city streets as an all time fun story. Or, maybe it was the way Patrick explained it….complete with imitations of his co-stars Yvonne DeCarlo, as “Lily Munster” and Al Lewis, who played “Grandpa Munster”. It’s funny, it’s unexpected, and it’s included in this week’s TAC 195!

We snared Butch at the last ”Hollywood Show” autograph event at Burbank earlier this year, when “Souplantation” still existed and face masks were things we thought only doctors, nurses and firefighters needed to do their jobs. Seems so long ago.

Here’s hoping you all are doing your best in these trying times. I’m working sports stories and pandemic storieS while also recording TAC from my home studio (which wasn’t a studio at all until we all began to figure out ways to make it all happen). Here’s to all of us getting back to some sort of normalcy soon. In the meantime, Bob and I will continue to do “Zoom-like” meetings for my podcasts…and will put the videos up on youtube soon after the audio versions show up on, and here on!

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