Scoring at Barrett-Jackson!


So far it’s been a great time at Barrett-Jackson on Talking About Cars first shared experience with Generation Auto TV!    So far the interviews have come Fast and Furious!!    Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey Garage joined me IN the Bandit Trans-Am…where our interview was interrupted with a cellphone call!   Turned out breaking news of sorts!!   He also took the “Bandit Trivia Challenge” and then surprised me with a trivia question of his own!!     We’ve also talked on camera with Velocity’s Chris Jacobs and Rick DeBruhl and off camera, audio only with Mike Joy and Steve Magnante!

IMG_4183Also on hand, a pair of Burt Reynolds (the Bandit) and Jackie Gleason (Sheriff Buford T Justice) look alikes to give the visiting crowd a thrill while checking out the Bandit Trans-Am.   Here is the Sheriff (wink, wink) about to get me for doing 105 in a 35, or something like that!   Wait, are those cuffs in his back pocket??    Where’s Cledus when you need him??    For more from Barrett-Jackson, check out Talking About Cars on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

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