Friends, rehabbing, and reaching out!

While i’m in rally mode from my recent medical maladies, the car world moves on.    What’s really helped me is hearing from family, friends, co-workers and you the fans of Talking About Cars!!   It really helps to hear from you here, on my TAC Facebook, twitter and instagram pages!      My best way of dealing with the negatives is keeping your sense of humor and having fun along the way.   Last month in Scottsdale, one of our pals, Chris Jacobs of Velocity joined me in the Bandit Trans Am at Barrett-Jackson for what will eventually be TAC 53, but until that is uploaded the end of next month, check us out in a TAC-Generation Auto TV you tube collaboration!     Now, this irresistible tease…..  we sing in the car!!    wait, what?

Until we return with BRAND NEW Podcasts next month, tell your fell classic car friends about our Talking About Cars podcasts!!!   and listen on ITunes and right here!   Just click LISTEN!!



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