Talking TV & Movie cars with the “Man from AMT”

genewhitefieldbookany car 1

Talk about a guy who knows his way around customizing a car!!   This week on “Talking About Cars” 54, we get to hear from a guy who is more than just a customizer!   He races cars (over 100 miles an hour…in his mid-80s….that’s his age…not his speed), he has great stories about his involvement with the celebrity cars behind “Get Smart”, “Back to the Future”, “Blade Runner” and the “Man from “U.N.C.L.E.” and his near involvement with what we know as TV’s Batmobile which was produced under the watchful eye of the late, great George Barris!  …and he designs cars that are creative and amazing!

Gene Winfield has done it all, including the ridiculous, thats an actual car above….the “AnyCar 1″…made for a bank commercial.    Can you see how many different cars are in that??   (actually, he made an AnyCar 2…but that’s another story)   His book came out last year…and last year (on the urging on my college radio pal, Chuck Schwynoch of Maximum Motorsports in San Luis Obispo, CA) we went to Gene’s autograph session at Aerobooks in Burbank, CA ….not only bought the book (yes…I actually BOUGHT the book), Gene gave a GREAT interview!!   Hope you agree.    Click “Listen” above and check out Gene’s great stories, which also include his days working for the AMT people (remember those models you built as a kid?)  and much, much more!!


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