Movin’ on up the charts!!

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Our little podcast that could….IS.    Thanks to you…our podcast listeners and “downloaders”, we start this day with our highest automotive podcast ranking on iTunes EVER!!    I like to think it’s because of our great guests and that we’re back doing a consistent podcast a week, so car fanatics like you know where to find us when we upload our new shows every Friday morning between 7am-8am pacific time.   But frankly, i’m not totally sure how this ranking works on iTunes.   Matt Farah of his “always in the top 5” ranked “THE SMOKING TIRE” podcast explained to me, the more listeners you get….the more people who subscribe….the more people who rate you and leave comments….the better ranking you get!   But even he admits it’s not an exact science, and iTunes doesn’t really list it’s ranking criteria.    So, i’m going with consistent content, guests those in (and sometimes out) of the world of cars would know and just having fun along the way.    You are welcome to join us!!    To listen, CLICK the “listen on iTunes” tab above…and enjoy our show!    SUBSCRIBE (it’s free) that way you’ll be alerted each week when a new show is uploaded, and rate us…and if you are so inclined, write a review for us!   This has been a fun adventure…and more is on the way!  (In fact, i’m picking up more celebrity car people interviews later today so STAY TUNED and check back here for the latest!)



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