TAC 85 – our TBT best of Barrett-Jackson edition!!

To pay tribute this year’s Barrett-Jackson auctions in Scottsdale, we offer a “Throwback Thursday” interview with Richard Rawlings of “Fast and Loud” and “Gas Monkey Garage” fame, INSIDE the “Smokey and the Bandit” promo car that sold for $500,000 in 2016!    Richard shared with us what his first car was before he managed to buy his second car….a Firebird Trans-Am.    It’s a car that not only does he regret selling….but would buy it back if anyone out there knows where it is!

Click below to watch our interview with Richard!    Also on our audio only TAC 85…bonus TBT interviews with Bo Duke himself, John Schneider, Golf’s Bubba Watson, Velocity’s Rick DeBruhl and Mr. Barrett-Jackson himself, Craig Jackson.    Click above to listen on iTunes or Soundcloud!

a brand new TAC 86 comes up on February 6th!!!!     Tell your friends and share and retweet us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!!

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