Talking About Cars, food, racing in the dark and Ford GTs!! 

(06-15-2017)  –  HEY EVERYONE!!  Miss us??   Back for another fun “Talking About Cars” with the common factor….the all new FORD GT!!  The car that won the 24 hours of LeMans in 2016!    Joey Hand of Chip Ganassi Racing was one of three drivers who piloted the winning car through it’s paces last year, (with Sebastian Bourdais and Dirk Muller), we talk about the race, the crowds, the body surfing (wait, what?) and doing 200 mph at 3 a.m…..legally.    Also joining us, from the Flavor of LA Facebook Live feed, Car Crazy’s Barry Meguiar, who showed up at the event with a black 2005 Ford GT 40….(his own car) and what’s up with him and the color black anyway?    I compare him with a singer he says….no one has ever talked with him about before, ALSO….what Dodger Stadium has to do with the early start of the car collecting hobby as we know it, the religious implications of his 1901 Duryea, and what countries outside the US does he feel have the best car hobbyists?      LISTEN to TAC 92 by “clicking the link above!!    It is EXCLUSIVELY ON I-Tunes and Soundcloud (if you find it on any other sites, it’s likely been pirated and our lawyers will be billing them for that soon!)   Enjoy!!

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