TAC 93 – “To the BATCAVE!!!” Burt Ward on playing a superhero in tights, saving canines one dog at a time, and the late great Adam West!

Earlier this year our friends at “The Hollywood Show” announced they had TV’s Batman and Robin, Adam West and Burt Ward, in their final appearance together!!    It promised meet and greets, autographs and picture taking sessions with the 60’s “Dynamic Duo” at their popular autograph show near the LA Airport.    Fans who took advantage had to be thrilled.    Sadly as it turned out, their promise of “final appearance” turned out to be more prophetic than anyone really wanted.    Weeks later, West, who also played “Mayor West” in Family Guy….passed away at the age of 88.    While West declined to be interviewed at the show, Ward agreed and we had a great time sitting in the above “Batmobile” clone and shooting the breeze about his first nerve wracking day on the job, his memories about West (in the present tense, remember West was alive at that time), the movie role he would have had if the Batman producers would have allowed him…..(think….Dustin Hoffman ended up with the role), why he is now in the Dog Food business….and….his pal….the late Kato….Bruce Lee!

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