Holy Tights Batman!! TAC 93 has Robin IN the Batmobile!

(August 1, 2017) – When you think of iconic cars in the world of TV and Movies, you have to think of the “original” 1966 Batmobile!    The car that was prominently featured in the 60s ABC TV version of Batman, starring Adam West and Burt Ward!    It’s campy view of crimefighting was a hit for three seasons.    During a “Hollywood Show” in Los Angeles, we caught up with Burt Ward, who gave us an entertaining interview talking about how he got the roll as Robin, the Boy Wonder….the movie he nearly was the star of….(that you know of well)….trouble with wearing tights….his co-star, the late Adam West….and….what he’s doing now with his wife ….for the love of dogs.    Big Dogs.

WATCH us and let us know what you think!!   You can also LISTEN to our interview on iTunes and Soundcloud!!

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