TAC 96 – with “Roadkill Magazine’s Elana Scherr!

(Sept 30, 2017) — There are some great car magazines out there….including the “classics”, “Rod & Custom”, “Car Craft” and of course “Hot Rod”.    Take one of those….add the DNA of Mad Magazine, Mad Scientist Monthly and Saturday Night Live…and you have….ROADKILL!    The wildly successful video online and youtube series that has led to a magazine.    Elana Scherr is a former writer for “Hot Rod” Magazine who definately has the spirit of a classic car person!

LISTEN below to my interview with Elana, as we talk the first car she remembers, her Mopar menagerie at home, her love of the Opel GT (mini-vette), some Roadkill Car Stories, the career she almost ventured into, and what she posts on her twitter page that isn’t about cars at all!

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