TAC 101 – Crown Vics, Coloring Books and “Where were you in ‘62?”

(December 9, 2017) – When you think about it, it makes comes complete sense.  The car that is known for it’s role in police chases all over the U.S. is now the car money-challenged teens are turning to for their first car!    The Ford Crown Victoria….or “Crown Vic”.    We see them on TV shows, on streets in Taxis, Fire Department vehicles….and one group of teens in California have created a club to showcase the “Panther” style rides….and also includes ANY type of “service related vehicle”     Chase Rubin of VENTURA COUNTY VICS talks about their car club (you can see the cars on our @talknaboutcars page on TWITTER!)

Where were you in ‘62?   The line from the 70’s movie “American Graffiti”.    Candy Clark played Debbie in the movie.   She was the blonde, the one that talked.  (the other one, driving the white ‘56 T-Bird was Suzanne Somers).   Candy talks about her first car….that caught fire….WHILE she was driving it.    Why she is a real fan of the later day Stutz Bearcat, and her favorite car in the Graffiti movie!

Fireball Tim is a car guy and friend of TAC!    He drives cars (manufacturers GIVE him cars to drive for a week at a time), he designs cars (the Batmobile movie cars) and he’s produced over 700 video blogs (VLOGS) on his site (FireballTim.com) .    Now, he’s putting out car related coloring books!    Custom Cars, Beach Life and USA states trivia!!  He talks about where you can get them….LISTEN BY CLICKING BELOW!



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