TAC 102 – Cruisin’ with Smokey, talkin’ with Rick, hangin’ with the So Cal Smarties!

(12-22-2017) – You think of Motown, in the motor city, you think of the Motown sound!    And one of the top archetects of the Motown sound, was Smokey Robinson.   Let’s face it, he may not be a “car guy” as we know them, but his songs have floated out of enough cars at “Makeout Hills” around the world to make him an Honorary Car Guy!    That and over 4,000 songs written, everything from “Crusin’” to “Love Machine”, plus Robinson has plenty of “car stories”.    Like the time his dad crafted his first car from parts in a junkyard, or how he and Berry Gordy once walked into a Cadillac dealer and walked out with a showroom ride for less than $5,000.   Can you guess in what year?    Smokey is out with a new Christmas album this year which you have to check out!!

We started our podcast talking about the popularity of smart cars and the “So Cal Smarties” car club in So Cal, yeah they’re small wheels, but can a guy 6-3 215 lbs actually fit in one?   Comfortably?

That’s followed by our pal Rick DeBruhl (ESPN, Velocity, Discovery) who tells us what it’s like to prepare for an upcoming Barrett-Jackson broadcast, and how auctioneers keep their voices going strong over an 8 hour performance.     Barrett Jackson starts January 13-21, 2018 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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