TAC 103 – Misfits, Speedways and the Last Jedi

(01-05-2018) – HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!   Talking About Cars starts up 2018 with some breaking news, some silliness and always fun conversation about classic cars!    This week, we start off with our special guest, a big named STAR from the Star Wars movie franchise, and most recently in the blockbuster, “the Last Jedi”.    Then, we catch up on the latest news regarding the scheduled closure of Irwindale Speedway in Southern California!   The Good News…it’s not going to happen!!    New owners purchased the place just before Christmas, kinda of a “CHRISTMAS MIRACLE”….new co-owner Tim Huddleston joins me with the “how it happened” and “What’s next”.

THEN, it’s those wacky guys from Discovery TV’s “Misfit Garage”!    Thomas Weeks and Tom Smith talk about cars they grew up with, cars they’ve broken in half, (wait, what?), spending too much time talking about their former employer on “Fast and Loud” and …. a TV show idea that’s just crazy enough to work!  (With me as the host!)

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