TAC 104 -Chasin’ down car stories with Jeff Allen!!

(01-19-2018) – Discovered Jeff Allen on his former CNBC show “the Car Chasers” where he tracked down numerous cars across the country for various clients at his Flat 12 Gallery in Texas.    As opposed to Wayne Carini finding stunning classics in garages, Jeff would find fun rides and the occasional WTF rides, like the Lambo that had a Chevy V8 in the engine compartment.   Still, it was a fun watch, and never could figure out why it disappeared.    I figured it just wasn’t getting the viewership, but as Jeff told me, that wasn’t necessarily the reason.    This was our last interview we did at SEMA 2017 this year and Jeff is a lot of fun, and tells some GREAT car stories, including how he shared his first months on this earth, in a crib, in a room with….classic car parts from his Dad’s 57 Chevy!    Some great interviews are coming up as the NHRA visits Southern California in February and the Classic Auto show returns for a 2nd year in early March!!    You’d be doing us a great favor if you Subscribe (on radio.com and itunes….remember we have TWO itunes accounts, Talking About Cars “Classic” with Randy Kerdoon, and Talking About Cars on radio.com (the NEW shows).     Also, if you follow us on iTunes, take a moment to rate us (1-5 stars) and leave a message about how you (hopefully) like the podcast!

You can find more of Jeff on his “Skidmarks Show” podcast on iTunes, and on Barrett-Jackson’s behind the scenes show during the auction, on their B-J website.

ALSO in this episode, we start with some talk about driverless cars.   Are they the beginning of the end for us classic car collectors driving on the roads?    Are they to transportation the game changer that the internet was to computers and information?    I talk with students at the Pasadena Art Center College of Design, along with our pals Wes Nielsen of the Daily Driver Project and MMA fighter Chael Sonnen, who will answer questions on ANY subject with some cool insights.

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