TAC 106 – Time to “Impress and get him to Confess!”…or something like that

(02-16-2018) – How well do you really know Donald Osborne?   Sure you see him and his Operatic voice on “Jay Leno’s Garage”, he can tell the difference between a Pontiac and a Peugeot, but did you know he’s also a prolific automotive journalist?   Loves Sedans over Convertibles?    Once compared Leno’s incredible car collection to a “Roach Motel”?   (he said that in a good way….BTW, Jay agreed with his assessment).    Donald joins myself and guest co-host Bob Beck of GAAS (Great American Auto Scene) in a very fun interview, click below to listen!   Osborne will also be at the Classic Auto Show at the LA Convention Center in Los Angeles, March 2nd thru the 4th.    He will be autographing his new book, as well as give a couple of seminars, that should be a lot of fun!!

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