TAC 107 – Two Car hosts who play in a rock n’ roll band!!

(03-02-2018) – Back when the Moody Blues sang “I’m just a singer in a rock ‘n roll band” (1972 FYI), it seemed we all had hair to our shoulders and rocked out to the rhythms.    Now that music seems to still resonate in our heads, we have other things on our minds, like how cool would it be to host a car auction!!    John Kraman and Scott Hoke of the Mecum Auctions on NBC Sports net and Facebook LIVE, have the best of both worlds!   Kraman and Hoke talked about their music backgrounds on our latest podcast, Talking About Cars #107!    Other subjects, include the most colorful guests on their broadcasts (one showed up with a piano), Scott’s connection to the 2000 NBA Finals, and John’s childhood experience with George Barris’ Batmobile, why you should NEVER waive at someone at a car auction…and much more!!   LISTEN below and help our little podcast that could, GROW!    After you listen below, go to iTunes, rate our podcast and make a comment!   It would really help us out!!

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