TAC 110 – 2 Girls, and a podcaster share the CAS “Celebrity Stage!”

(03-30-2018) – For a car guy, this is living the dream!    Not only “hanging” with incredibly cool cars, but cool car people!!   If you’ve seen the Velocity TV show “All Girls Garage”, you recognize the two women with me in the above picture, Bogi Lateiner and Rachel DeBarros.   Bogi was one of the original “AGG” mechanics (alongside Cristy Lee and Jessi Combs) who showed they knew their stuff when it came to working on cars, altho’ …it’s okay to admit you originally tuned for the “eye candy.”  When Jessi exited the show, Rachel came on board after her youtube series “Gearhead Diva” caught the network’s attention with her hands-on work with cars and entertaining presentation.

Bogi’s fantastic 57 Chevy “Montage” pickup was at the recent Classic Auto Show in Los Angeles, complete with a BMW motor under the hood (listen to the podcast below to get the story behind that).   The truck was more than just a build for Bogi, she brought along some 89 women who at one time or another worked on the car to make it “show ready”.   Bogi and Rachel were fun and told stories about how someone could begin on a trek to a “normal” career, before veering into another that would always keep their hands dirty, but their minds at peace.

Also on this week’s podcast….

Our pal, Jeff Gilbert from WWJ Radio in Detroit!   His “Tales from the Auto Beat” podcast makes for an interesting listen on radio.com, and he reports on car industry for CBS Radio.    Jeff gives us the latest from the New York Auto Show!!

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