TAC 111 – Legal & not so legal racing

(04-12-2018) – Two forms of racing that couldn’t be farther apart in acceptance.    Both can happen on city streets, both can be attended by many people, but only one….is legal.     This week on Talking About Cars podcast #111, I talk IndyCar with Northern California native Alexander Rossi, who won the Indy 500 the first time he drove in it, and is ready for his 3rd Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach.

Going into Long Beach, Alexander stands 2nd in the driver’s standings, and hopes to do better than his previous finishes in Long Beach (19th last year and 20th in 2016).   Also on the show this week!   Our pal Doug Stokes who is wrapping up a long run with Irwindale Speedway!

You talkin’ about me?   Nope, we’re talkin’ about You!!   Doug is a former SCCA racer himself, he’s seen or promoted just about every kind of racing there is.    Like many of us he’s been alarmed by what he sees on the street where car enthusiasts take part in “sideshows”, closing down parts of roads, even freeways to smoke the rubber off their tires while doing burnouts, “donuts” and more, before their “fun” is broken up by police.    Usually there are arrests, tickets and cars being impounded.   Doug fills us in on the new “B.O.X.” At Irwindale, that allows for that kind of activity….and it’s all legal!!

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