TAC 112 – How much is my car worth #StickerShock

(4-27-18) – We’ve all asked that question.    “What’s my classic car worth?”   Now a new show on Discovery Channel will ask that question in a new weekly show, “Sticker Shock”.     The premise is simple, people bring their classics to a warehouse, where a car experts look it over, research some information, and then tell the owner, what they think it’s worth.    Think “Antiques Roadshow” on wheels.

   Todd Wertman and Nick Smith know their cars (and motorcycles) and know this show has been very educational.    On “TAC 112” with Randy Kerdoon and guest co-host Bob Beck (Great American Auto Scene/GAAS), they talk about their own car history, car stories, and some of the wheels they saw during taping of the reality show that was taped in an LA warehouse that was torn down soon after shooting ended.    (Makes you wonder if there is a season two, what they’ll do for a new set.).  Todd talks about working for actor Nic Cage and why Cage LOVES him as a provider of classic cars, and Nick talks about the bike he’ll never sell.

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