TAC 113 – when is a “Continental” NOT a Lincoln? & Dave SINGS!

(05-10-2018) – Our TAC pal, Dave Kindig from “Bitchen Rides” on Velocity joining me on the “Celebrity Stage” at this years Classic Auto Show in LA!    We talked about what it was like fixing up your father-in-law’s car (no pressure there, right?), when was a Continental NOT a Lincoln….(it happened two years….listen below to find out when) and DAVE SINGS!!!    (Won’t tell you what song it was….other than, I joined him and it was ….what you thought it would be!).    We also took questions from fans in the audience!

One side note, after posting the podcast on our Talking About Cars with Randy Kerdoon Facebook page….I tried to promote it, only to discover, that according to Facebook….the word “Bitchen”….is basically a cuss word.    Not only was the promotion denied, but when I appealed it on the basis of it being a legitimate term, and title of an actual Velocity/Discovery TV show….IT WAS DENIED AGAIN!    Whoa.   Things you learn when you least expected it!    Listen to our “non-promotable” podcast below!

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