TAC 118 – having trouble with commitment… to cars

(07-19-2018) – You’ve seen him all over TV, from Jay Leno’s Garage (where he’s always trying to race Jay in some form of vehicle), on Californacation (shockingly called “Alonzo”), Fresh off the Boat, Dr. Ken, and when he’s not in Scary Movie 4….he’s doing his stand up comedy act, and talking about his uncle on the radio who is suffering a stroke but can’t seem figure out what he’s going through.

Alonzo is a HUGE fan of motorcycles but is enough of a car fan that we talked nearly an hour before we agreed he should come back to have an all motorcycle TAC…..(maybe we need to change it to TAM…..Talking About Motorcycles….in the future, so stay tuned for that!)     Alonzo talks about his car history, what 460 Air Conditioning means, about growing up in a GM family, which car is the most claustrophobic for a tall guy (over 6-1), the new movie he’s working on and why it would be good if Jerry Seinfeld happened to listen to this podcast.



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