TAC 120 – blowing up a co-star, and fun with Canadian rust buckets”

(08-17-2018) – Knight Rider had it’s KITT, Batman had his Batmobile, and Magnum PI had their Ferrari.      Some of TV’s most popular shows had cars that were co-stars and were as popular as the actors and actresses who shared the screen with them.    For the 1968-1973 ABC show “The Mod Squad”, there was Pete, Link (Clarence Williams III) and  Julie (Peggy Lipton)….and a 1950 Mercury Woody Wagon!

It was about a logical of a “police vehicle” as the Ford Torino was on Starsky and Hutch, but people loved it.    Until they didn’t.    On TAC #120, I talked with Michael Cole (he played Pete) author of the new biography “I was the White Guy” about what led to the Woody Wagon being replaced by a Dodge Challenger convertible, and how many tries it took to …..blow it up.   He also detailed the conversation he had with producer Aaron Spelling that actually clinched the role for him.

Then, I talk to Scott Newstead of youtube’s “Cold War Motors” channel.

He leads a group of Canadian car enthusiasts and his dogs who find rusty cars on farmland that have seen decades of snow and weather, then try to get them running again on a $ 0 budget.    If you are a fan of Canadian cars who look like the ones here in the states, but are a bit different (Plymouth cars with Dodge and Desoto front clips on them) you will get a kick out of this show.    They’ve tried to get running everything from 50s Studebakers, to Kaiser’s, and many American brands with six cylinder engines.    It’s a fun interview, listen and check his channel out!

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