TAC 121 – Mama Partridge gets happy & Monster Garage tales

(08-31-2018) – When people talk about iconic “TV cars” you always hear of the Batmobile from the campy ABC TV series “Batman” with the late Adam West and Burt Ward, or the “Dukes of Hazard” ‘69 General Lee Charger, the Pontiac Firebird from “Knight Rider”…..or the “Green Hornet’s ‘65 Black Beauty Imperial.    Also worthy of inclusion, a that multi-colored School Bus turned family cruiser from “the Partridge Family”.   It was a typical school kids starting singing to help their single Mom pay the bills story.    Veteran actress and singer Shirley Jones played “Shirley Partridge” while her real life son, the late David Cassidy, played her son, and her kids included Susan Dey, Danny Bonaduce, Jeremy Gelbwaks/Brian Forster and the late Suzanne Crough…..

(Yours truly and Shirley Jones at a “Hollywood Show” autograph gathering near LAX in 2018)

Shirley joined me in my “Talking About Cars #121” podcast and laughed her way through some revealing talks about getting her first car later in life, some cool stories about the PF Bus, and did she have some input into it as well as what car she’s now driving that she just loves!

BTW….if you had your druthers….would you have wanted Florence Henderson of the Brady Bunch, Shirley Jones of the Partridge Family or another TV Mom as your own mom?

(Bob Beck of “GAAS, the Great American Auto Scene, joins me to talk with actor and host Brett Wagner)

Brett Wagner is a “Brett” of all trades!   He’s voiced, and hosted shows like “Monster Garage” and “Pass Time”, he acted as a biker, mutant, zombie, and white supremacist in all sorts of TV shows and movies from “the Sons of Anarchy” to the new “Happytime Murders”.    Brett has some fun stories about his parents getting him a 69 Camaro for his birthday, and him “denting” it the first day, you will want to make sense of the why!   Also some cool behind the scenes stuff from those shows and more!   Don’t forget to subscribe (at radio.com or on iTunes, share this post on social media, Like it, comment and if you are on iTunes, rate us 5 stars!!!  Thanks!

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