TAC 122 – Tracy Turnblad’s first car & checking out “Collectible Automobile”

(09-14-2018) – Opportunity and chance can be wonderful things.   While attending the recent “Hollywood Show” near the LA Airport catching up with several celebrities with car stories to tell, I passed the star of “Hairspray” the movie, Nikki Blonsky!   Since my daughter saw the movie, like 200 times, and I was a big fan of the soundtrack, especially the way it was done in the movie…so crisp, so much energy and frankly I was spraining my toe with all the tapping to the beat I was doing in the car and elsewhere, I had to tell her it was my daughter’s favorite movie.   She was very gracious and asked what I was interviewing people for.   I mentioned the podcast and how I was looking for car stories.    She said “well, I like classic cars!”    So I looked at her skeptically, and thought….okay, let’s find out!    That began an interview which you can listen to below.   Not only did we get the latest on her first car, or SUV….but what cars she bought with her “Hairspray” money and her scenes in the movie in the trunk of a ‘60 Chevy and on top of a garbage truck in her opening number!

Also on TAC 122 I talk with the editor of Collectible Automobile magazine, John Biel, who explains how he went from not having a high school car to helping produce a magazine that allows all of us to dream about what our high school cars looked like.    We also check out the gas mileage numbers of 1973, the year of the first oil embargo, and talk about how cool the magazine is and the weird pre-photos of what the ‘62 Plymouth almost looked like!

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