TAC 125 – Catching up & Cracking up with Mike & Ant

(10-25-2019) – Wheeler Dealer fans know that the show moved from Britain to Southern California about 3-4 years ago at the behest of the new owners of the show, the Velocity Network.   Talking About Cars originates from LA, so I HAD to see their studios…..I caught their first location just after they finished their first season here….(see below)

I finally had a chance to see Mike and Ant again (after interviewing them at SEMA in 2017 in Las Vegas) in their current workshop/studio in Huntington Beach, CA.   It’s a rather non-descript location (from the outside, they always are), but inside it’s just like you see on TV….complete  with the MOT sign and the Union Jack!     One other thing, the guys were pretty hysterically funny in this one.   Funny like you get into a laughing mood and you riff on it for like…oh a half hour?     Like I was holding an improv class and they just dove in.   Of course, that makes for one epic podcast!   (Inside story….that white bow tie Mike is wearing above?   It’s made of….toilet paper.   The man has skills!)

Since I spoke with them last year, I came up with a bunch of new questions, and some asked by our TAC listeners, like Ant’s previous show, “for the Love of Cars”, what Mike knew about the Milwaukee Brewers who at the time were playing the Dodgers in the playoffs, they talked about what car they want to work on that they can’t seem to find, how Ant will be contributing to new “significant other” Christina’s new TV show about home design (she’s Christina El Moussa from HGTV’s “Flip or Flop”), and what show Mike would like to make a cameo appearance in (hint : it involves zombies).     It’s a Wheeler Dealers like you’ve never heard them on TV!    You might even laugh with us a time or 3.

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