TAC 127 – from Rust to …WHOA! And another visit with Cold War Motors!

(11-23-2018) – Here at Talking About Cars, we have many things to give thanks for, the many fans of our podcast, now into it’s fourth year, the many friends we’ve made in the car community, and most of all, for YOU our listeners, followers and friends!    It’s been quite a ride and we hope, with Entercom’s help,  to get the word out even more about what we do and get more people to check us out!

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I met Constance Nunes about a year ago through her younger sister Cassie, who is a tour de force when it comes to setting up charity car shows in Newbury Park, California.    We heard Constance had a TV car show coming up on the horizon and it was going to be great!    Not sure if we were dealing with the next Cristy Lee or the next Edith Mumblefutz we filed the info for later.     Then Netflix dropped “Car Masters : from Rust to Riches” on us.

While the concept is somewhat familiar, buy car, fix up car, sell it for more and get a nicer car….fix it up and sell it for even more.    The twist is pretty cool, customize  the car into something unique and make even something MORE unique!    As for Constance, she may look the part of “eye candy”, she is their engine specialist.   (I’m watching the 8 episodes now).    The girl has some mechanical skills!     I caught up with them at the EG Auctions, “Stars. Cars and Rock N Roll event near Palm Springs!   Listen as I check out her and co-star Mark Towle of “Gotham Garage” cool car stories!!   Also on TAC #127….

Part II of a visit with our Canadian buddy Scott Newstead of the Cold War Motors channel on YouTube! Always entertaining, Scott talks about his top 5 favorite cars he sometime would like to acquire, number one being a Citroen SM Maserati, (which he already has and) which was a car that also came up when I interviewed a well known dynamic duo from Britain.

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NOTE : thanks to our friends at Carlyle Motors near Houston, Texas for joining the “Talking About Cars podcast” family.   Check their classic cars for sale at carlylemotors.com.    Also thanks to Julian White of WebVideoVision.com for producing and Gilbert Molinet and Brett Wagner for help with our visit to Indio.

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