TAC 128 – Daisy Duke & the French Wheeler Dealer!

(12-08-2018) – Talk about the TV show Dukes of Hazzard,  the General Lee and those “Good ol’ Boys” are the big topics, but everyone remembers Daisy Duke.    Her hot pants, her fun loving spirit, did I mention hot pants?  And the pure delight in her face when she was able to get behind the wheel of her Plymouth or Jeep or even Uncle Jessie’s pick up truck and drive like she studied at the “Starsky and Hutch” driving school.    Fans loved actress Catherine Bach.   

Catherine Bach (Daisy Dukes) poster image 

Fans tuned in to her various appearances in Dukes related shows from 1979 all the way thru 2003.    

I caught up with Catherine at the EG Auctions event at Indio where I found out about her first car, that she once dog sit a pooch at a 120 miles an hour, a John Schneider connection to her appearance in Cannonball Run II, and a “how Hollywood works” story about a movie role that landed her in Thailand.

Catherine & host Randy Kerdoon 

Also on this episode, the host of “Wheeler Dealers-France” Gerry Blyenberg.     Gerry lives in Los Angeles, but 7 months out of the year, plays the Mike Brewer role as the guy who seeks out cars for his mechanic to rebuild.   I caught up with Gerry when I was interviewing Mike and Ant Anstead for my TAC 125 interview at their Huntington Beach, California workshop studio!     

Ant Anstead, Randy Kerdoon, Gerry Blyenberg, Mike Brewer

This isn’t the first time Gerry has hosted this kind of car fix-up show.    Would you believe a French…”Pimp my Ride?”

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