TAC 129 – Otter’s Corvette, Fawn Lebowitz, and the “Deathmobile”

(12-20-2018) – 40 years ago, a movie highlighting the make-believe campus of “Faber College” was unleashed by the wacky folks at “National Lampoon” and Frat life would never be the same!!

Thanks again to David at the “Hollywood Show” near LAX, I caught up with character actor Bruce McGill, (D-Day) top left above…..who is all over movies and TV today….that’s what he looks like now (below)!

Randy Kerdoon with actor Bruce McGill at the “Hollywood Show”

NOW you recognize him!    McGill’s latest role was as a detective in Rizzolli & Isles, but you can take the actor out of Faber College, but you can’t take the memories of Faber out of the actor.

Then there’s “Otter”.   Eric Stratton (played by Tim Matheson) was the classic student who looked like he belonged at Princeton, but ended up in a series of wacky shanigans that were outrageous, yet pretty funny. Eventually, they were railroaded out of their frat house.    The revenge that followed was worth the price of admission.

Your podcast host and actor Tim Matheson

Bruce and Tim give us some behind the scenes thoughts from the movie, some history behind the 62 Corvette and how many Lincolns were used and how many were “hurt” in putting together the “Deathmobile”.    We also get to find out which guy has been driving the same car for over 10 years, and which guy wouldn’t mind driving in an Aston-Martin some day.    LISTEN, Subscribe, Share and comment!!

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