TAC 132 – Rebuilding after 71 vehicles burn in Malibu!

(02-03-2019)- Proof that life can change….just like that. One day Malibu residents Gary and Denise Cerveny had 30 cars and 41 assorted motorcycles, and other vehicles stored in a building on their property……

Cars like a Hudson Italia, a Chrysler Woodie Wagon, a bathtub Nash, and a Studebaker-El Camino like custom. Candy Apple reds, faded yellows, pale greens and more. When they returned from a trip to the mid-west to see family, it was gone. All of it….gone

You never expect something like this to happen. In fact, insurance companies thought there was no way something like this could happen on their property because of all the precautions the stunt co-ordinator and his wife took to make sure it would NEVER happen.

But it did. Bob and I caught up with the Cervenys at their sparsely stocked rental home in Thousand Oaks. Very little furniture (their entire house burned as well) , but they were upbeat and with the help of their insurance companies rebuild their home and their automotive collection. LISTEN below to their story, from the unique rides in their former storage building located at their Malibu home, to their reaction to finding out about the fire, to dealing with the loss and the first car they’ve started the replacement process with. ALSO, when you listen, please SUBSCRIBE, SHARE on social media, COMMENT on what you think about the podcast!!

Since we met with Gary and Denise, they say their collection is now up to 3 cars…adding a Ferrari 308 and a Rolls. They plan to rent a storage facility to house those cars and their future purchases.

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