TAC 133 – Women with a wrench, why should men have all the fun?

Randy and Bob Beck are joined by 4 women (and one 8 year old daughter) who worked on the 57 Chevy Montage build.

(02-15-2019) – “All Girls Garage” co-star Bogi Lateiner has always supported women’s rights, especially in the garage. She knew there were many women who wanted to get into the automotive industry like she did, and not just as service writers, but as the people who “wrenched” on the cars, or welded, or molded metal. So, Bogi got her hands on a 1957 Chevy Pickup, and put out invitations for a “women only” crew to build the truck.

Bogi and her crew move the 57 Chevy into the garage

By the time the “Montage” build was completed, over 90 women (and one 8 year old daughter of one of the crew members) toiled on the car which is a work of art, plus it had a BMW engine!

Bogi’s 1957 Chevy “Montage”

Now Bogi is working on her second build. Listen as she announces what the car will be, and hear the 8 year old welder, Bogi’s parents and the woman who had stage 3 cancer who says doctors cured her, but the women on the build “saved her”. Please subscribe and enjoy podcast #133.

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