TAC #134 – Mrs. Claus, Harley Trikes, the $55,000 Fury & the $2,000 Olds Diesel

(03-05-2019) – Another Barrett-Jackson auction on Scottsdale has come and gone, and after time for reflection, we caught up with some fun storylines!

A 1960 Plymouth Fury at Barrett Jackson

We found our Canadian pal Scott Newstead’s (Cold War Motors) favorite ride (not his car, but he loves those ‘60 Plymouths) a car that the builder did his best “Let’s Make a Deal” to acquire and eventually build, and it sold for some decent money! Of course, we also caught up with a man from Minnesota who brought down his 1978 Olds Diesel who hoped to buy another car with the money he made auctioning his car, but could only afford a Matchbox version!

Electric Bikes with a not so electric trailer

We also caught up on the latest in electric bike transportation, and how to turn your Harley Davidson softtail into a trike or quad!!

Then some real fun, catching up with Dodge’s new “Mrs. Claus”, “All Girls Garage” co-host and Barrett-Jackson car reporter Cristy Lee!! I hadn’t had a chance to chat with her since 2015’s SEMA show, (check out the interview on our TAC Soundcloud page). Join myself and “Hot Rod” Bob Beck as Cristy gives us the latest on what she can tell us about her future, and of course, Bob and I then try to guess what she’s hiding!

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