TAC 137 – LeMans vs LaLaw & “Abby Perkins” stories

(03-30-2019) – Let’s turn the “wayback machine” to the mid 80s and a TV show that made us forget all about “Perry Mason.” “LA Law” on NBC was a multi-story filled 60 minutes (including commercials) with attractive lawyers solving big cases while dealing with “first world” problems outside the courtroom. Things like, someone dented their Beamer, or I can’t believe my massage therapist is double booked, or two female lawyers having a kiss on the lips for the first time in over the air television.

Michele Greene as Abby Perkins on LA Law

Thanks to David and Ester at “the Hollywood Show” I caught up with Michele Greene at one of their recent events in Los Angeles. I was actually walking by her when she saw me carrying my microphone with TAC mic flag on it and a recorder and asked who I was interviewing. I explained the podcast and how “Everybody has a Car Story”, and her eyes grew big and she said she loved cars! Next thing I knew, I was getting some great car stories from Michele about her fickle, and not so fickle moments growing up a car person in Southern California!

Indycar Driver Sebastian Bourdais

Sebastian Bourdais is a veteran, winning race car driver who will be inducted into the Long Beach, California Motorsports Walk of Fame in mid-April 2019 along with fellow driver Will Power. He was literally born to drive at LeMans (pronounced “Le-MAW” as opposed to the Pontiac pronounciation of “Le-MAHNS”). Bourdais was actually BORN in LeMans, France. Kinda like I was born in Hollywood, and worked at KFWB and KNX radio there (until both moved to the Miracle Mile in the 2000s). We discuss his induction, as well as what else LeMans is known for besides racing!

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