TAC 138 – from 280 Z’s to Celicas, from Hondas to Hinos!!

Co-host “Hot Rod” Bob Beck (GAAS), Mauricio Rosales (JDM Legends), “Big Mike” (SEMA builder), host Randy Kerdoon (Talking About Cars)

(04-06-2019) – From the “Talking About Cars” and “Great American Auto Scene” or “GAAS” booth at the Classic Auto Show, comes this edition of TAC as once again I was joined by Hot Rod Bob Beck for some great conversations with auto personalities. With our guests we talked about a subject we rarely talk about, the collector car hobby for Japanese vehicles and the TV show “JDM Legends!”

“Big Mike” (he doesn’t like using his last name) has been part of SEMA’s “Battle of the Builders” and is known to write stories on cars for automotive publications. Mauricio Rosales, a painter on “Legends”, was watching our Facebook LIVE interview with Mike when we dragged him into the booth. What followed was a fun and informative discussion about the Japanese custom car market, and how both Mike and Mauricio rose to their current status, and what cars they both grew up with!

With Custom Car Designer Rick Dore (photo by Richard Morey)

This past week has been a bit crazy with news about the car shows you watch on TV. Big changes involving hosts at Motor Trend TV’s Garage Squad, and a real health scare following last year’s SEMA show in Las Vegas for expert car designer Rick Dore. My interview with Rick and the news about who’s in and who’s out at Garage Squad lead off Talking About Cars #138. (There was bigger news that broke right after the podcast was uploaded on Thursday involving “All Girls Garage”…..

TAC host Randy Kerdoon with former All Girls Garage star Rachel DeBarros (Photo by Julian White)

….that Rachel DeBarros was leaving the show after four seasons. PLUS we might break some news about the hosts of “Wheeler Dealers” in TAC 139 which uploads on Thursday, April 11th, so watch for it on Radio.com, KNX1070.com, iTunes and Apple Podcasts….and of course here!)

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