TAC 139 – Two men not named Shelby who elevated the Cobra!

Bob Beck, Peter Brock, and Randy Kerdoon

(04-14-2019) – Earlier this year at the “Dr. George” Charity car show at Indian Wells, Bob Beck (GAAS, Great American Auto Scene) host and I held interview sessions with some pretty cool car guys. Our Buddy John Kraman of Mecum Auctions, is always a great guest, and like the 2018 show, both Peter Brock and Allen Grant joined us. For those not sure of who Peter and Allen are, they are two kingpins in the world of car design and performance.

Both Brock and Grant worked with Carroll Shelby in the early days of the car company, in fact Brock and Grant shared an office. They told some great behind the scenes stories about their entrance into the automotive world, and how Brock “talked himself” into getting accepted in the honored Pasadena Art Center of Design, out of high school!!

Brock also worked on the GTO program at Pontiac and the Corvette program at Chevy in the 1960s. Don’t forget, Please LISTEN below, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and GIVE US A REVIEW ON OUR SOCIAL MEDIA, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@talknaboutcars)!

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