TAC 140 – Ant spills the beans on…. and over 300 mph & she’s still not as fast as Mom!

“Ant” Anstead of “Wheeler Dealers”, host Randy Kerdoon, and race car, stunt car driver Tegan Hammond

(04-20-2019) – There was a commercial shown during the 2018 Christmas season about some guy who woke up as a kid looking outside to see if he ever got a car from Santa Claus. Then finally, as an adult, he bypassed that same window, a Mercedes with a big red bow on it was sitting there with his all knowing wife smiling with the kids. Ant Anstead, the co-star (or “presenter” as it’s called in his native UK), of the international TV powerhouse “Wheeler Dealers” didn’t quite wake up looking out the window on his birthday but he found THIS on his driveway

“Ant” Anstead’s birthday present from his wife Christina (courtesy Ant’s Twitter page)

There is quite the story behind that gift from his new wife Christina (formerly El Moussa from HGTV’s “Flip or Flop”), and I caught up with Ant at the recent Benedict Castle Charity car show in Riverside, CA. where he described the entire sequence for us. PLUS, Ant talks about his involvement in Christina’s new HGTV show which will be airing soon, and he gives us an EXCLUSIVE of sorts on his own new TV car show that will air on Motor Trend in the future, (but wait, there’s more) and a peek into Mike Brewer’s new show that will be shot back in the UK during WD’s hiatus!

Randy Kerdoon, stunt driver Tegan Hammond, Bob Beck (Great American Auto Scene, GAAS)

Also on TAC 140, we talk with Tegan Hammond, who looks like a model, drives like a demon, and is an up and coming stunt driver who performs with surgical accuracy! We caught up with Hammond at the Classic Auto Show at the OC Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, CA. She has some great stories about her driving over 300 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats, yet still is slower than her mother, her stunt stints on the CBS Show Magnum PI, and what she studied in school that has nothing to do with cars! BTW, that first picture above with her in a car with a red interior is my own 64 Dodge Polara!! It’s a fun way to spend time listening to cool car stories!

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