TAC 141 : Here’s Ozzie, Here’s Harriet & Paintin’ Graveyard Cars,

The cast of Motor Trend TV’s “Graveyard Cars”

(04-27-2019) – If you are a Mopar fan, you will like Talking About Cars 141! “Hot Rod” Bob Beck and I caught hosted the guy on the left of the pic above, painter extrodinare Will Scott and his lady Heather Jones in the “Talking About Cars/Great American Auto Scene” booth at “the Classic Auto Show 3” at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, CA. Both were a lot of fun to talk to and get the inside story behind show host Mark Worman, and his Oregon facility that has an envious number of popular Mopar junkers in their back yard to fix up for future episodes! Then we found out, those wrecks, aren’t “junkers” at all.

“Hot Rod” Bob Beck, Heather Jones, Will Scott, Randy Kerdoon

We set up the interview by actually running into the dynamic duo (not literally) as they were looking at cars at the show and….ASKING them. We find out Will has some cars other than Mopars he’d like a chance to fix up, Heather too has some car stories to tell!

Ozzie & Harriet ran for 15 seasons on ABC TV from 1952 to 1966

And in our “Talking About Cars” NEWS segment, we explore a car that showed up for sale at a car show in Arizona. The actual 1956 Pontiac Chieftain wagon that was bought new by former Bandleader Ozzie Nelson and his wife Harriet!

The Nelson’s 1956 Pontiac (photo courtesy of John L. Broughton)

Finding this story was a bit of a surprise. I am a member of the “1957 Pontiac” group on Facebook and member John L. Broughton was at this show and posted some pics

He’s asking $45,000 (photo courtesy of John L. Broughton)

Ron and Judy Johnson are former Orange County, CA residents who are into classic cars and stumbled across Ozzie’s former ride while looking for a classic station wagon and doing some trading of classics to get there. As we all did, Ron told me he watched the show as a kid, and that brought out floods of memories of Ricky Nelson, older bro David and Don Defore as their neighbor “Thorney”.

O & H reruns have long departed from TV sadly, but did you know there are many episodes of the show on youtube? Complete with commercials from that era? Anita Bryant selling Coca-Cola? The Nelson’s kitchen cookin’ with “natural gas”? Another thing, O&H must have had a deal with Chrysler because the Nelson’s cars during that time were all Desotos, Dodges, Plymouths and Chryslers….altho in the background a Cadillac or Ford would be seen driving by or used as part of the plot. Ricky’s first car was a 48 Ford “junker” he bought from a pal. Haven’t found the 56 Pontiac in an episode yet tho’. Sadly the stars of the Nelsons have all passed on. Ozzie in 1975, Harriet in 1994, David in 2011 and Rick in a plane crash in 1985. Still, Listen as we join America’s favorite family’s…CAR story. Of course, if you are interested in the car, call Ron and Judy!

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  1. Hi I m Benjamin end I have a 1971 firebird spirit
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    • We are closer to Los Angeles! Thanks Benjamin, tell your friends about our podcasts on radio.com, KNX1070.com, ApplePodcasts and Stitcher…..and now you can WATCH our shows on our new “Too Tired Guys” Productions channel on you-tube!

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