TAC 142 – Mustangs, Hot Wheels & the future of Auto Mechanics

(05-04-2019) – MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU!!! If you are a car guy or gal, there’s a good chance that happened because of your growing up with “Hot Wheels” or “Matchbox” cars. Bob Rosas was one of the first designers at Mattel & Hot Wheels in the late 1960s, and had a hand in some of the first models ever released. He also kept a few oddly painted ones, never realizing what collectors would pay for those same toys decades later. In fact he describes how selling one ended up paying for a new roof for his home! We talked to Bob at the Southern California Classic Auto Show in our “Talking About Cars-GAAS” booth. Rosas was joined by Bill Montgomery of “Prime Motivation”.

Bill and our TAC pal, Rodney Allen Rippy (remember the Jumbo Jack kid from the 60s-70s “Jack in the Box” ads?) have been working to make people realize what budget cuts to schools have done to extra curricular activities, like shutting down Music programs, and….yes….AUTO SHOP! That’s right, schools have been erasing Auto Shop classes, which means, no kids wrenching on cars, and those kids NOT becoming future mechanics. Let’s face it, not every kid has the stuff to end up a Rhodes Scholar in college. Some are better off doing car mechanics or something similar. Bill brought with him, Tanya Inglis of Victorville, CA’s “Inglis Classics” and Kelly Faley of Fiat-Chrysler to talk about real options teens have for learning about how a car works when Auto Shops are not available at their schools

top : Ford’s Jim Owens with Randy at Barrett Jackson in 2016, bottom L-R, Bob Rosas (Hot Wheels), Kelly Faley (FCA), Tanya Inglis (Inglis Classics) and Bill Montgomery (Prime Motivation)

If you are a Ford person, you know this year is the 55th anniversary of the Mustang which came out in 1964. So many versions of that model are out now, it’s nice to see them catering to some of their fans that aren’t wealthy enough to buy their bombastic horsepower models! Jim Owens talks about the new 4 cylinder turbo model that’s coming out, which takes us all back Mustang SVO and Thunderbird Turbo Coupe powerplants from the 80s! Jim is always fun to talk to and for good measure we got in a few moments to talk about TAC 139 guest Allen Grant! As always, please SUBSCRIBE (it’s free), SHARE THIS PAGE WITH YOUR CAR MINDED FRIENDS, RATE US A 5 ON ITUNES, AND LEAVE A COMMENT, AND LIKE US ON SOCIAL MEDIA! (FACEBOOK, TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM) because “EVERYBODY HAS A CAR STORY!”

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