TAC 143 – From podcasting to TV Host & how Toilet Paper rolls fit in all of this!

(05-12-2019) – Mark Greene doesn’t look like your typical TV Host. He doesn’t have the rugged good looks of Chris Jacobs or the facial hair and bravado of Richard Rawlings, but he does have the knowledge, drive and love of his subject matter! The up and coming star of MAV-TV’s “Cars Yeah!” show (check your local listings) still hosts his 5 days a week podcast of the same name, while producing his own foray into the visual medium. His goal of “Inspiring Automotive Enthusiasts” is demonstrated with his legions of guests, mostly people you have not heard of, but are well intrenched in the collector car community!

Mark Greene of Cars Yeah!

It’s an unexpected dream come true for a guy who grew up surfing in Southern California during the birth of the car craze, became an executive for a car care company, only to wake up one day laid off and wondering how he would keep busy. As he explains in the podcast, his son gave him good advice, and the CY podcast was born. Mark must have really wanted to keep busy with his podcast going 5 days a week and eventually getting Mark to produce his own TV show (now on MAV-TV).

(EDITORS NOTE : You’d better believe Bob and Randy asked him a lot of questions about how he managed to get THAT done! They are now both Mark Greene disciples!)

We caught up with Mark at the Classic Auto show at the Orange County Fairgrounds where Mark was hosting their “Celebrity Stage” (Our own Randy Kerdoon hosted the CS in 2018!)

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