TAC 144 – the disappearing Playboy PMOY car, “Challenger Tag” & the “London Taxi wedding mobile”

Playboy Playmate of the Year 1979 in a Michelson Light commercial.

(05-20-2019) – Another in our run of “Playmate of the Year car stories!” So far i’ve talked with 1968’s Victoria Vetri (Angela Dorian) about her ‘68 AMX (and the guy who now owns it and restored it to it’s pink luster, Mark Melvin) and 2013’s Raquel Pomplun about her ‘13 Jaguar F Type, and thanks to 1979 PMOY Monique St. Pierre, we get the story of her 1980 Porsche 928 and when it disappeared from her driveway! (No, it wasn’t stolen)

Not Monique’s 928, but a reasonable facsimile

I caught up with Monique and October 2003 playmate of the month Audra Lynn at a private bash in Holmby Hills. It was a Party for those who used to work at the Playboy Mansion before the new owners took over once Hugh Hefner passed away last September at the age of 91.

Oct. 2003 Playmate of the Month, Audra Lynn

Ms. Lynn actually came up to me, noticing my “Mopars at the Mansion” black t-shirt I bought….yes, bought back in 2008 when “Mopar Collector Guide’s” Robert Wolf talked folks at the Mansion to let a bunch of cool Mopars park on the lawn at Holmby Hills. Audra began to tell me of her and boyfriend’s Dodge Challengers (she has a Hellcat, and he has a Demon), and how they chase each other around south Florida. Turns out they have THREE, one all wheel drive model they leave in Iowa for the winter!

Actual London Taxi visiting Malibu!

I caught up with John DeRoy at Fireball Tims “Wheels and Waves” in Malibu! John has not one but TWO London Taxi’s (yes from London)! It began as a hobby, but now he rents them out for weddings, which, means we get WEDDING Car Stories!! No extra charge. To listen, CLICK BELOW and please share/retweet, rate us on iTunes and give us a review!!

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