TAC 145 – When your “classic” is a hearse or ambulance & another all female build!

Top : 1939 LeSalle hearse. Bottom : Randy, Donna Culwell, her 70 Cadillac ambulance, Bob

(05-25-2019) – What makes car collecting a hobby is about what you love. If Camaros and Mustangs are your thing, GREAT! But there are some of us out there, who love the orphans, the unusual, the odd. Dieter Obeji and Donna Culwell are great examples. TAC hosts Randy Kerdoon and Bob Beck found them at a recent “All GM” show in Woodland Hills, California. Dieter owns a battalion of ambulance and hearses, including this 1939 LaSalle that looks like a church from the inside, and out!

Such attention to detail, and to think he found it in a warehouse in Compton where it sat…..for decades. It appears to be from Utah, but more about that in the podcast.

Donna Culwell found her 1970 Cadillac in the back of a used car lot in New York State. Why an ambulance? She explains in the podcast, (and no, it doesn’t have anything to do with watching too much “Emergency” or “Mother, Jugs & Speed” growing up. )

Part of the “all female” ‘55 GMC rebuild team at the Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo, CA.

Bogi’s idea of rebuilding a classic car/truck with an all female team, is spreading. Women in Southern California are giving it a try on a worn 1955 GMC pickup at the Automobile Driving Museum. Like the team that built Bogi’s Chevy “Montage” many of these woman have no experience in car repair. They like the bonding, and the shared team goals. They come from all walks of life, one is a Hollywood make up artist, another being the wife of an auto podcast announcer (Peggy Beck is top right in the white shirt). Listen to their stories as well on TAC 145. (We caught up with them at the Classic Auto Show at the OC Fairgrounds this past March).

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