TAC 146 – Winning the “Challenger” at the Challenge; collecting police vehicles.

(06-01-2019) – How often do the worlds of classic cars and….pro golf cross paths? Rarely. So when Diamond Bar (Ca.) High alum Kevin Na won the “Schwab Challenge” by 4 strokes not only did he get prize money and a trophy, but….a 1973 Dodge “Challenger”, rebuilt by none other than Steve Strope of Simi Valley’s Pure Vision. the “1973” was because that’s when Schwab began his business. But Na didn’t keep the car, nope, he gave it…to his CADDY! How cool is that?

Back at KNX 1070 Newsradio in Los Angeles, podcast host (and KNX sports guy) Randy Kerdoon thought, it would be cool to have that caddy (Kenny Harms) on the Talking About Cars podcast. Then he realized….and why NOT? Thanks to the staff at the PGA, and Randy’s use of social media, contact was made and Kenny gave his story!

Ron Hurwitz and Derek Scouler are big fans of police vehicles. For years Ron has had a 1969 Dodge Polara CHP cruiser, and has been an advocate for the department. Derek owns a ‘69 Polara, in all black, that looks like a CHP undercover vehicle. They join Randy to explain how you can be a Police car collector while doing it the right way so your car can avoid the crusher! That, and why Derek like’s Kojak’s Buick!!!

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