TAC 147 : Looking behind the Hollywood car curtain!

(06-08-2019) – LA’s “Petersen Auto Museum” has a new exhibit entitled “Hollywood Dream Machines”. It includes cars from “Back to the Future”, the VW “Herbie” movies, Blade Runner 2047, Terminator, iRobot, “Mad Max” and more! Worth a look if you are in the LA area, and worth a listen is TAC 147 as the above Hollywood Art Directors, car designers, and auto suppliers for the movie industry sat down for a media day panel discussion with Movie Critic Scott Mantz about how certain cars came to be (the KITT Firebird, the Back to the Future DeLorean), how some cars worked while others didn’t for their brands, and the future of some movie franchises when it comes to adding vehicles.

It was a fun soirée behind the curtain of the movie industry and great for you trivia buffs who might have never known how close Doc Brown came to being a time traveler in a Frigidaire as opposed to a DeLorean.

Will Smith’s futurized Audi from “iRobot”

It’s pretty incredible to see the exhibit cars upclose as well….there’s even a “Terminator” exoskeleton there…..a bit creepy if you ask me.

That’s me looking back….altho’ it looks like i’m wearing all white lenses on my eyes.

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