TAC 150 – Time Warp at the Lion’s Drag Strip Museum!

A stunning good recreation on the Lions starting line on the very spot where it existed 64 years ago!

(06-29-2019) – Walking into the new Lions Drag Strip Museum in Wilmington, California is like walking into a bit of a time warp. The cars, just as they were back in 1955, are at the starting line. The “Christmas tree” is lit, people are in the stands (painted on a wall), and the diorama takes you back! It’s just like the way Rick Lorenzen visualized it when he bought the property for his trucking company many years ago. Lorenzen grew up in Wilmington when…

Randy Kerdoon and Rick Lorenzen

…the track began operating, even racing one of his beloved Willys down the strip as a teen. Rick tells us the story behind the museum’s start on our Talking About Cars podcast #150. We also hear from well known “starter” Larry Sutton, about his take on the track including how he came to own the drag strip record for riding…..in a porta-

Larry Sutton and host Randy Kerdoon

Potty! We also hear from former announcer and race car guru Sid Waterman about his thoughts about the Museum.

The Museum includes a city diorama including a movie theater facade, “Back to the Future” clock tower, Helms Bakery facade (complete with trucks

And even a Willys Dealership complete with some 15 Willys cars including Rick’s very first Willys from 1942. The Museum is open to private tours only. Go to LionsDragStripMuseum.com for more information!

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