TAC 153, Lost in Space Part 2, the Corvette’s beginnings & Joey Lawrence!

Host, Randy Kerdoon and actor Marta Kristen (Judy Robinson) from the original “Lost in Space”

(07-21-2019) – As we found out in Talking About Cars “152” watching Bill Mumy and Angela Cartwright interact at the recent “The Hollywood Show” autograph event near the LA Airport was like watching two siblings in action and considering they played brother and sister in the 1965-68 CBS show “Lost in Space” and have connected many times since at comic-cons and celebrity events it makes sense. (Let’s set aside the whole, they dated after the show ended thing as we found out in our last podcast). Add “older sister” Marta Kristen….and the whole family reunion thing continues. (Yes I asked Marta if she ever dated Mumy as well….her answer….well, you’ll have to listen to the episode #153 below). But Marta did apparantly date other TV show co-stars. One involved her, and a hatchet. So HE says! Marta’s interview starts around the 18 minute mark.

Randy and actor Joey Lawrence

We first saw Joey Lawrence in the TV show “Blossom” (with Mayim Bialik of “the Big Bang Theory”), later with his younger brothers in “Brotherly Love” and many guest spots including Hawaii 5-0 which now stars younger brother Andrew. Joey is his family’s only “car guy”. He’s not sure what gave him “the bug” (and i’m not talking about the VW), but he’s passionate about his cars from his Matchbox collection as a kid to driving his first car which he describes in our program starting at the 29 minute mark.

But this episode begins with my occasional co-host “Hot Rod” Bob Beck as we look back at the start of Chevrolet’s Corvette (this episode uploaded on the night GM introduced the all new mid-engined Corvette. Next week in TAC 154, I will talk with a Corvette official about some cool things the new ‘vette’ will bring to the table!). Bob and I talk about the original corvette prototypes and how they brought about the Tri-5 Chevy Nomad and Pontiac Custom Safari wagons of 1955-57, and just how low those Mako Shark Corvettes appeared to be when you drove them!! PLEASE Subscribe, (it’s free), Like and share on social media!! Also rate us if you listen on iTunes and leave a review!

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