TAC 154 – Happy Days & the C8 unveiling

Top right, host Randy Kerdoon and actor Don Most.

(07-31-2019) – We all remember the show “Happy Days” on ABC that ran from 1974-1984. It came out on the heels of a similar movie also with Ron Howard of the Andy Griffith Show in a lead role, “American Graffiti”. “Days” actually took place earlier, in the 1950s as opposed to “where were you in ‘62”. But the concept was the same. Classic cars and Bobby Sox, a more “innocent” time. This time at the “Hollywood Show” I had some moments with two of the Happy Days stars, Anson Williams and Don Most (known as Donny back in the day).

Funny what you find hanging in the bathroom at Hot Rod Bob’s man cave!

To say the least, both Anson and Don were extremely popular among the show goers, but eventually I did get some time with them as the guys talk about their first cars, odd adventures, and we ponder why Ralph Malph got to drive in the show, but somehow “Potsie” Weber never did. Plus, Harland Charles from General Motors joins me to talk about the just unveiled 2020 Corvette mid-engined C8, and how important GPS plays in it’s ability to avoid speed bumps.

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