TAC 155 – the “Unknown Comic” downplays the need for a reverse gear & “Hot Rod Bob” speaks!

Murray Langston (as the Unknown Comic), Host Randy Kerdoon

(08-03-2019) – I was privileged to meet Murray Langston at a brunch with celebrities and comedians at Jerry’s Deli in Studio City many years ago. Invited by my radio idol Gary Owens, I sat at the “round table” to break bread with Johnny Dark (Late Show, Donny & Marie), John Rappaport (producer of MASH), singer/songwriter Harry Middlebrooks, the late Chuck McCann, comedian/actor Sam Kwasman, Laugh In’s Ruth Buzzi & husband/actor/car guy Kent Perkins and many more. We spent more time laughing and telling stories than eating the lox & eggs or Matzo Brie! In the process, I became friends with Murray and many others in that group!

It was one of my best “Hollywood” moments, that became a weekly occurance for me. I didn’t know Langston had any car stories, but I knew he was funny, so I cornered him at “the Hollywood Show” and peppered him with car questions, and career questions! You will like what you hear below!

I’ve finally decided to make it official. My occasional co-host Bob Beck now has a segment on Talking About Cars. It’s the “Hot Rod Bob Report”….this week we talk about an east coach dragstrip that refuses to allow EVs (Teslas, Leafs) to drag race on their strip! And has the C8 Corvette already sold out for 2020? Listen below….and please share, like, SUBSCRIBE, rank us 5 stars on iTunes and write us a review! Thanks!

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