TAC 156 – Being a Starsky & Hutch bad guy & comparing TV & Movie Torinos!

Host Randy Kerdoon, actor/stuntman Charlie Picerni, Joey Torino, Johnny Torino (Torino owners)

(08-10-2019) – NEAR LAX – Another fun moment at the recent “Hollywood Show” autograph event was when I noticed two Starsky & Hutch “Striped Tomato” Torinos out front of the Hotel. There I met “Joey Torino” and “Johnny Torino”. Owners of the two cars. They pulled me in with the news that the TV Ford Torino and the Movie Torino had differences! WHAT?? Didn’t notice that before? Altho’ honestly I admit I could have been distracted by watching actresses Amy Smart, Molly Sims, Carmen Electra & Playboy alum Brande Roderick in the movie. Apparantly the Movie version was more “red” than the TV version….and

The movie version of the Torino, notice the curve of the white stripe

…..while the “L” shaped decal was different in the movie version than the TV version (see pics above and below)

Then, I met Charlie Picerni, the type of background actor we’ve seen hundreds of times, but never knew who he was, in the opening credits of the show….

Yes, that’s Charlie in the circle

Torino pursued by really long Lincoln with jazzy music going on, close up of Starsky & Hutch, Torino and Lincoln do a 360 degree turn, Torino goes into parking lot followed by bad guy Lincoln, Starsky & Hutch jump out of Torino and drag bad guys out of Lincoln and onto the hood. The Driver of that Lincoln….was Charlie Picerni. He later became Paul Michael Glaser’s stunt double. Cool story in this week’s podcast for fans of the show and the movie.

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