TAC 159 – RIP Jessi Combs (1980-2019)

(08-30-2019) – Doing our “Talking About Cars with Randy Kerdoon” interviews over the years has given me chances to get to know car show personalities, car builders, TV and Movie Stars and guys and gals who just love cars! One of my favorites was back in 2015, when Jessi Combs drove up on her motorcycle from Orange County to our TAC studios on the Miracle Mile to chat about what she had going on at that time. I approached Jessi because she seemed everywhere and had done so many things with cars. TV hosting (Mythbusters), car building (Overhaulin’), car repairs (All Girls Garage), yet she still had time to race vehicles on sand, salt and just about everywhere else. When we did the interview, I was not disappointed. She was such a genuine person, easy to laugh, incredibly focused, who vastly enjoyed what she was doing, but not totally sure why she had been so successful.

This week, we are honoring Jessi by replaying that interview (before heard only on our Southcloud channel)….giving you one last chance to get to know the woman behind the welder, after she died this past week attempting a land speed record on a dry lake bed in Oregon. No official cause of death has been reported yet, but Combs was driving a jet car trying to beat 512 miles an hour…..and as you’ll hear her say in our interview….there was no talking her out of it.

RIP Jessi. The car community and your fans miss you already.

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