TAC 160 – Speeding down the salt with the “Mississippi Mench!”

(09-07-2019) – Sometimes there are podcasts where you plan for weeks in advance, like at a SEMA show. Then there was TAC 160. “Hot Rod” Bob Beck and I were talking about some future ideas for podcasts, as Bob had just recently returned from “Bonneville Speed Week”, where hot rodders drive their “souped up” wheels down the salt flats near the Utah-Nevada border at amazing speeds. (This was before we heard the gut wrenching news about Jessi Combs death trying to replicate an over 500 mile an hour run on a dry lake bed in southwest Oregon). We thought about salt flats racer to bring on the show and a Salt Lake Tribune article brought up the name George Poteet. He was a legend on the salt, so I thought, let’s see if we could find him. One hour later…..Bob and I were interviewing THE George Poteet on the phone while quietly thinking to myself, “Well THAT worked!”. I love it when a plan comes together!

Less than a week after our logo became ‘sticker art” on a BLM sign, we were told that sign was coming down and sent elsewhere to be displayed.

LISTEN anytime/anywhere to our podcast, George is an interesting guy, has driven over 460 mph on the salt, loves his classic cars (he has over 100 of them), just bought back his “car that got away”, enjoys California, but the Memphis resident just doesn’t want to live there! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE (it’s free), rate us 5 stars on iTunes and leave a review!!

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