TAC 161 – Heather & Erica take a “ROAD TRIP!”

Car aficionados Heather Storm & Erica Schrull

(09-15-2019) – This has been quite a year for turnover when it comes to TV car show hosts. Edd China (exited Wheeler Dealers over a year ago), Rachel De Barros exiting All Girls Garage, and most recently, Heather Storm, the 2nd female co-host at Garage Squad (remember the first, Laurel Bohlander who was there for only 1 season, and oh, yeah, by the way, she’s the wife of Indy car driver Tony Kannan). Bottom line? Change happens.

So what happened since? China has written a book and will join us on a later Talking About Cars….Rachel is hitting the car show circuit and working on her Gearhead Diva brand, and Heather is cruising America in her ‘65 Mustang for her own youtube channel. Heather joined forces with car “influencer” and Mopar nut Erica Schrull for a cruise from the Bay Area to Newport Beach where she hopes to have fans greet her at the early Sunday morning Balboa Car Show where she will do an episode of her podcast with Brad Fanshaw. Wherever Heather lands, her fans will eagerly follow her!

NOTE : The podcast has been recorded already, no need to show up from 7a-9a on Sunday

Check out the latest from Heather and Erica!!

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